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CDC issues guidance for school reopenings

A few days ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly issued full interim guidance on how schools and other establishments can safely open during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Given that the CDC decided to issue these recommendations to school officials and state governments as part of a fairly dense 60-page PDF, we wanted to put it into a friendlier format.

Here are the CDC recommendations for school reopenings in full:


As communities consider a gradual scale up of activities toward pre-covid-19 operating practices in centers for learning, such as K-12 schools and summer day camps, CDC offers the following recommendations to keep communities safe while resuming peer-to-peer learning and providing crucial support for parents and guardians returning to work.

These recommendations depend on community monitoring to prevent covid-19 from spreading. Communities with low levels of covid-19 spread and those with confidence that the incidence of infection is genuinely low (e.g., communities that remain in low transmission or that have entered Step 2 or 3) may put in place the practices described below as part of a gradual scale up of operations.

All decisions about following these recommendations should be made in collaboration with local health officials and other state and local authorities who can help assess the current level of mitigation needed based on levels of covid-19 community transmission and the capacities of the local public health and health care systems, among other relevant factors. CDC is releasing this interim guidance, laid out in a series of three steps, to inform a gradual scale up of operations.