‘Beat the Coronavirus’

What the readers are saying

“What a great book! … If I could only have one book on this subject this would be my choice.” ★★★★★
– David Julian 

“It’s a treasure trove of science, insights and ideas – plus a healthy dose of comforting common sense.” ★★★★★
– Ellie Shaw 

“You may think there’s nothing else to know about COVID-19. But you’d be wrong.” ★★★★★
– CalGal

“It opened my eyes to the little things I could change in my daily routine to limit exposure to the virus.” ★★★★★
– M. Morrow

“Not only is it written in laymen’s language, but it is authoritative. In short, you can trust what you read in this volume.” ★★★★★
– Sheryl

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What the experts are saying

“Well researched and easy to read, this book cuts through the noise and provides smart, actionable advice you can take to stay safe and protect your loved ones from COVID-19. This book is a great primer for COVID-19 and provides the most up to date facts in a clear and concise manner.” 

– Dana Hawkinson, MD
Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control
University of Kansas Health System

“Brimming with valuable tips and insights, this guidebook takes complex topics and digests them into smart, real-world tactics that you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.”

– Dr. Darria Long, national TV contributor, bestselling author of Mom Hacks, Clinical Assistant Professor University of Tennessee

“From knowledge comes power and in this case, Beat the Coronavirus is a well-researched and well-written book that empowers the reader with solid, evidence-based information that can save lives and reduce the anxiety and uncertainty of living amid the horrible pandemic that is COVID-19.”

David M. Aronoff, MD, FIDSA, FAAM
Professor & Addison B. Scoville Jr. Chair in Medicine
Director, Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“Beat the Coronavirus is a remarkable resource that puts disease surveillance, epidemiology, mental health, virology, internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, and critical care expertise at our fingertips. This book is a powerful beacon of collective truths that puts order to chaos by informing us how the virus is transmitted, how to prevent infection, what to expect if we develop COVID-19, and when to seek immediate medical care. This compelling read reminds us of our civic duty to change the public narrative and correct the myths that threaten to undermine the public health.”

Lori Ann Post, PhD
Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Buehler Center for Health Policy
Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

“Beat the Coronavirus makes the art and science of COVID-19 clear and accessible to the lay reader. A great way for the general public to get informed and stay safe.”

Tim Lahey, MD, MMSc
Director of Ethics, Infectious Diseases Attending & Professor of Medicine, University of Vermont Medical Center

“This book cuts straight through all of the misinformation out there and
presents our collective knowledge about COVID-19 clearly and accurately.
It gives practical guidance on how each person can help to keep
themselves, their family, and their community safe.”

Steven Goodreau
Professor of Biological Anthropology and Epidemiology
University of Washington

“I love this book for one simple fact. It filters out the rumors and misinformation, bringing you concise and accurate information about how to protect yourself, your family, and your community. This is a book I plan on sharing with family and friends.”

Zack Huddleston, BSN, RN, PHN,
Emergency room nurse, Methodist Hospital of Sacramento
Membership Director, American Nurses Association–California

“A rapid response to our national and global COVID-19 crisis, this new book by a team of experts is a highly welcomed and timely new addition to the literature.”

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD
Professor and Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine
Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development
Baylor College of Medicine